4 Dimensional

Accessorize 4D Nails

The Accessorize 4D Nail Kit

Accessorize have had their nail polish range available to buy for quite a while now, but this has recently become available. I received this as a Christmas present and today has been my first trial at using the beads.

The base colour is a really nice glittery black and the pack advises that you apply two coats of this to ensure that the beads stick. I decided to only add the beads to one nail rather than all of them. The base colour is really thick anyway, so one layer is only needed if you wish to wear it as a normal nail polish.

Adding the beads is a bit tricky. Although it seems easy (thanks to the funnel at the top of the bottle) they seem to come out a bit too quick! Be sure to have a tissue underneath your hands as the beads tend to roll pretty quickly across the table surface. I left the nail for a fair amount of time to ensure that the beads stuck properly. The instructions don’t indicate whether you should apply a top coat of clear polish so I have left them out in the open to continue to dry.

4D Nails

Finished product

Unfortunately, the beads don’t want to show up properly on my camera but hopefully you get an idea of what it looks like. I will let you know how long they last for.

UPDATE – 7/1/13

It is sad to say that the beads didn’t last very long at all. I felt that I gave the nail enough time to dry but unfortunately as soon as they came into contact with water the beads started to fall off.

I will try this again soon but for the moment I will give this style a 2 out of 5 for its ability to stay in tact!


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