It’s Bournemouth Marathon Time!

So Sunday 6th October is nearly upon us and my incredible Dad is going to be running the Bournemouth Marathon!

To show my support for him and Myeloma UK, the charity he is raising money for, I thought I would dedicate my nails and this post to them this week.

Myeloma UK by Kelly

Marathon by Kelly

The colours I have used for this one are Barry M bright orange and nail art pens in black and white.

The charity Myeloma UK is something that is very close to mine and my family’s hearts.

Six years ago my very lovely auntie, Deborah Clayton, passed away from Myeloma, also known as multiple myeloma, which is a type of cancer that arises from plasma cells which are found in the bone marrow. My dad has been wanting to run a marathon for quite some time and, when we found out that there was going to be one in Bournemouth, he just had to sign up. He chose Myeloma UK as the charity to run for as a way of helping us remember Deb and to show support for a charity that helps support families and patients that are affected by this type of cancer.

So far, he has raised just under £500, which I think is an incredible achievement!

I think tomorrow is going to be a very emotional one. I am so ridiculously proud of my Dad and I am so impressed by his dedication to training for the marathon, especially with a few set backs along the way.

Good luck Andy Phelps!


If you would like to show your support please visit my Dad’s just giving page at

Also, if you would like to find out more about Myeloma UK please visit


Blurred Lines

So this week I thought I would go for something a little bit different.

As I am sure you are starting to see, I really do love my nail art pens. However, I could definitely do with building on this collection!

Blurred Lines by Kelly

The base colour I used for this one is the pink from a manicure set. It’s worth doing two coats to create a bold shade of pastel pink.

I have also used black and white nail art pens. The pattern is fairly random but quite easy to do. You just need to have a steady hand!


I am truly shocked at the amount of time that has passed since I last post. I can only apologise!!

It has been a very busy couple of months since starting my placement and sadly my nails have taken a bit of a back seat.


I’m back and keen to get creative once again, especially now the sun has gone in and we have been graced with huge amounts of rain in London.


Anyway, this week I decided to get on brand with UKTV!

On Tuesday 10th September we held our annual UKTV Showcase event at the Saatchi gallery. This was a fantastic opportunity for journalists to gain an understanding of the new commissions that will be coming up in months to come on the UKTV channels.

It’s safe to say that I had an absolutely amazing time! I got to mingle with the stars (namely shared a lift with Anthony Head and was told by Harry Enfield that I ran around a lot).

So, I thought I would go all out and do a fancy branded UKTV design on my nails!

UKTV Showcase by Kelly

The main colours I have used for this design are a Topshop pastel Blue, a standard white polish, Barry M silver glitter, Topshop blue nail art pen and black and white nail art pens.

I’m so glad I did these. They certainly became a talking point!

Zoo inspired Giraffe

Last week I took a trip to London Zoo for Zoo Lates and it was amazing!

So, I felt it was necessary to jazz up my nails with an animal inspired design.

Giraffe by Kelly

Giraffe by Kelly

The main colours I used for this one are Topshop celestial blue for the base, Bee’s Knees yellow for the head and neck, Barry M mushroom brown for the spots, pastel pink textured nail polish for the nose and nail art pens in black and white for additional detail.

This is nice and easy to do as the main detail comes in when you do the head on the thumb nail.

It’s good to double check that you have done the head the right way round so that it lines up with the neck. I got this wrong on my other hand…not the best when you have to start over the most detailed part! But, that’s trial and error I guess.


In order to celebrate the release of ‘Man of Steel’, I felt it was necessary to get creative with my nails (as per usual).

I found a design similar to this on Pinterest and thought it was worth giving it a go!

Superman by Kelly

The main colours used for this one are Barry M cobalt Blue, Mushroom, Red wine, Topshop Bee’s Knees and a black nail art pen.

My favourite part of this design is the quiff! It’s a fairly easy one to do as it is mainly stripes. The only tricky part I found was creating the Superman logo as I don’t have a red nail art pen (which definitely would have come in handy!).

Sparkle and Shine

I’m so bored of the sun not wanting to shine so I felt like brightening up my days with a bit of glitter on my nails. Fingers crossed this will make summer hurry up!

Sparkle and Shine by Kelly

The main polishes used for this are Barry M red wine, red glitter, Topshop hidden treasure and a black nail art pen.

This is a nice and simple design and very easy to achieve. I always do a base colour for glitter polishes to enhance the bold colour.

A flash of Neon

Yet again my obsession with nail art has become far more appealing than revising for my exam. But, the good news is that after tomorrow my second year of uni will be over! Crazy how quickly time flies.

Anyway, I found this amazing nail art kit in H&M. I’ve tried a few of their nail polishes but didn’t realise they were starting to get fancy with their nail products!

H&M Nail Art

H&M Nail art kit

H&M stickers

H&M Nail art stickers

Flash of Neon by Kelly

I had a go at using the stickers but I think I was a bit impatient and stuck the sticker on a nail that was still wet (so it went a little bit wrong). So instead I used the stickers for inspiration and came up with this stripey neon design.

The colours used are Barry M Black and the three colours that you can see in the H&M set. They are really nice to use as they have a very thin brush which makes it easy to create lines.


Half and Half

Exam stress is in full swing and procrastination has certainly taken over. It would appear that doing my nails is way more productive than refreshing my memory on all things to do with the political economy (yawn).

Half and Half by Kelly

The main colours used for this dotty design (I think I do this a lot) are Barry M bright purple and a white nail art pen.

It’s a simple design but I think it adds a little bit of flare to your nails, rather than just having a plain colour.

I’m sure you will see a lot more posts in the next week as my exam draws closer!

Iron Man

Iron Man 3 hits cinemas at the end of this month so it felt appropriate to celebrate the occasion through a bit of nail art!

Iron Man by Kelly

I was inspired by an image on Pinterest for this design.

The colours used are Barry M Red Wine and Black, Topshop Hidden Treasure, a shimmery pale blue from Claire’s and nail art pens in black and white.

I used a cocktail stick to add the blue detail onto each nail as the brush was too thick and added a big blob of polish onto the small area.

I really love this design! It looks a lot harder than it is too! Just make sure you have a steady hand as there is a fair amount of line detail to contend with.


I am very very obsessed with the film ‘Despicable Me’ so it was only a matter of time before minions appeared on my nails.

Minions by Kelly

The main colours used for this are Topshop yellow and pastel blue, nail art pens in white and black and Barry M denim blue (that gives a great affect when it is dry).

I found an image on Pinterest to use as inspiration for this one. It’s quite easy to do too. All you need to remember is not to layer up the white for the eye too much, as the more nail varnish that is on your nail the easier it is to smudge it. Definitely avoid doing anything with your nails for a while to let them dry completely, as no one wants imprints of minions dotted around the house.

P.S. Topshop have a fantastic deal on at the moment, where you can get 2 nail polishes for £8! It’s safe to say that I have been sucked in by this bargain.

Topshop nail polish