The long Easter weekend

It’s that beautiful time of year again! The sun will hopefully be putting its hat on and my family and I will be able to make the most of living by the seaside! It just wouldn’t be Easter if we didn’t have a wander along the seafront.

So, in true spirit, I decided to go all out on my nails.  


I took inspiration from a couple of pins on Pinterest, but crested my own overall design.

I used a LOT of different types of nail polish to create this design. The pink and blue are free samples demo Company magazine, the white is a Rimmel fast dry, orange is my favourite Barry M jelly polish, also the mint green is Barry M. I then used a range of different coloured nail art pens to create the patterns.

I hope you all have a lovely long weekend!


Up up and away!

I have two weeks left until my work placement starts, so doing my nails is definitely the perfect way to spend my days!!

UP by Kelly

I love the film UP so it felt necessary to add a bit of Disney to my nails.

The main colours used for this one are Topshop celestial, bee’s knees, Barry M bright pink, mint green, gelly papaya, lilac and nail art pens in black and white.

This really easy to do as it is generally lots of dots for the balloons and block colour for the house.

Peachy Flowers

The sun has finally made an appearance (Yippeeeee!) so it felt necessary to add a bit of summery shine to my nails.

Peachy Flowers by Kelly

The main colours used for this design are Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Papaya, Topshop Bee’s Knees (pastel yellow), a basic white nail paint and a nail art pen in White.

Normally I would have used nail art pens to create the flowers as it can be tricky to use a normal nail paint brush as you could create a big blob instead of a little one. However, somehow using the brush worked for me this time! Just make sure your brush isn’t loaded up too much.

Spots and Stripes

So, as you will have seen in my previous post, I have been sucked in by the 2 for £8 offer on Topshop nail polishes. Today I have decided to get adventurous with the ‘Hidden Treasure’ colour that is a metallic colour which has gold and blue tones.

Metallic by Kelly

Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure – Topshop nail polish

I think the black pattern that I’ve added with a nail art pen adds a bit more excitement to this nail polish. I’ve got a few interviews coming up this week so fingers crossed my nails will leave a lasting impression!

Easter Nail Designs

Hi everyone! Apologies for the long wait for a post. Uni has been very time consuming and I’ve had lots of birthday celebrations which have kept me busy.

However, now it’s the Easter holidays I am back on blogging form.

Here are two Easter designs that I have recently done for my family.

Bunny Nails by Kelly

Bunny Nails by Kelly

The colours used for this one are Barry M pink and white and hot pink nail art pens.

This design was inspired by one I found on Pinterest, however I added an extra bunny on the thumb and a cute little pink nose.

Easter Egg Nails by Kelly

Easter Egg Nails by Kelly

The colours used are Topshop pastel blue, Barry M mint green and pink, George (ASDA) yellow, and nail art pens in black white, purple and hot pink.

This is an easy Easter design. Just make sure that each layer is dry before adding on more detail, as the more colours used the more likely it is to smudge.

Happy Easter weekend everyone!!

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Barry M Textured Nails

As I’m sure you have begun to noticed, I am a tad obsessed with Barry M nail paints. So, I was over the moon when they released their new range of textured nail polishes in some lovely pastel colours.

Barry M Textured Nails

Textured Pattern by Kelly

I decided to get a little bit creative with this nail paint. The main colours used are Barry M Textured nail paint in pastel pink, a standard white polish and a white nail art pen.

Unfortunately, the flash has covered up the pink heart on the white nail.

In order to get the best coverage from the textured paint, I did two coats. It lasts really well and has barely chipped. I can’t wait to add the other colours to my collection!

Valentine’s Day Love

Valentine’s Day is on Thursday, so I thought it was necessary to get all lovey dovey with my nails this week.

Valentine's Nail Art by Kelly

The main colours used are Barry M crimson red, red glitter and white, with black and white nail art pens.

Valentine's Nail Art by Kelly

I used a cocktail stick to create a lip shape on my little nail. All I did was dip it in the red nail varnish and carefully placed the side of the stick onto my nail, making a small bump for one side of the top lip. I then did the same to create a symmetrical shape on top and then placed it slightly underneath to create the lower lip. To join them up, I used the tip of the cocktail stick (ensuring that there wasn’t a massive blob of nail varnish on it) and dragged the colour to create a thin line.

It’s little tips like this that I love.


Apologies for not posting recently. I have been suffering with a lack of internet at home for the past month and finally I am back online!! It’s safe to say that it has been a struggle.

Anyway, here is my latest design. I was inspired by a pattern that I found on the internet and thought that I would give it a go.

Aztec Design by Kelly

Aztec Design by Kelly

This is quite a time consuming design but I think it looks amazing!!

The main colours used are Barry M white and three nail art pens in black, white and pink.

This is definitely one of my favourite designs as it will be easy to use this design with a range of colours.

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Paper Aeroplane Trail

This was a pretty design that I found on Pinterest and thought I would give it a go.

Paper Aeroplane Trail

The colours used are Barry M Lilac and nail art pens in black and white.

The trickiest part was drawing the paper aeroplane. Try to avoid squeezing the nail art pen too much as this will make it go blobby and horrible.

Let me know what you think 🙂

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Marble Nail Art

This is something that I found on Pinterest which I thought I would share. It seems so simple, but I have a feeling it could be more challenging than it looks!


I really like the fact that this is a low cost way of getting a great result.

Check back soon to see how my nails turn out!

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