Buzzing around

I haven’t posted on here in over a month! It’s shocking! But, the reason for this is because I have started an incredible placement (and I have yet to get any internet sorted in my new place).

Anyway, here is a little design I did to celebrate the sun making a very belated appearance at the end of June! Nothing beats having pastel yellow nails when it’s a lovely summers day.

Buzzing around by Kelly

The main colour used for this one is Topshop Bee’s Knees pastel yellow and nail art pens in black and white.

It was quite tricky doing the bee as you definitely need a steady hand to be able to make the stripes. A toothpick can come in handy if you don’t have a nail art pen to hand.



Sorry it’s been a while since I have posted. It is safe to say that Uni work has used up all of my creative skills for a fair few weeks.

However, here is a lovely cow design that I did recently!

Cow Nails by Kelly

The main colours used are Barry M textured nail paint in pastel pink (think I’m obsessed with this one), white and a black nail art pen.

I used the textured nail paint to give the cows nose a bit of character.

This is a really easy design as it’s very easy to do random blobs and get the basic cow design.

Barry M Textured Nails

As I’m sure you have begun to noticed, I am a tad obsessed with Barry M nail paints. So, I was over the moon when they released their new range of textured nail polishes in some lovely pastel colours.

Barry M Textured Nails

Textured Pattern by Kelly

I decided to get a little bit creative with this nail paint. The main colours used are Barry M Textured nail paint in pastel pink, a standard white polish and a white nail art pen.

Unfortunately, the flash has covered up the pink heart on the white nail.

In order to get the best coverage from the textured paint, I did two coats. It lasts really well and has barely chipped. I can’t wait to add the other colours to my collection!