Blurred Lines

So this week I thought I would go for something a little bit different.

As I am sure you are starting to see, I really do love my nail art pens. However, I could definitely do with building on this collection!

Blurred Lines by Kelly

The base colour I used for this one is the pink from a manicure set. It’s worth doing two coats to create a bold shade of pastel pink.

I have also used black and white nail art pens. The pattern is fairly random but quite easy to do. You just need to have a steady hand!


A flash of Neon

Yet again my obsession with nail art has become far more appealing than revising for my exam. But, the good news is that after tomorrow my second year of uni will be over! Crazy how quickly time flies.

Anyway, I found this amazing nail art kit in H&M. I’ve tried a few of their nail polishes but didn’t realise they were starting to get fancy with their nail products!

H&M Nail Art

H&M Nail art kit

H&M stickers

H&M Nail art stickers

Flash of Neon by Kelly

I had a go at using the stickers but I think I was a bit impatient and stuck the sticker on a nail that was still wet (so it went a little bit wrong). So instead I used the stickers for inspiration and came up with this stripey neon design.

The colours used are Barry M Black and the three colours that you can see in the H&M set. They are really nice to use as they have a very thin brush which makes it easy to create lines.


Spots and Stripes

So, as you will have seen in my previous post, I have been sucked in by the 2 for £8 offer on Topshop nail polishes. Today I have decided to get adventurous with the ‘Hidden Treasure’ colour that is a metallic colour which has gold and blue tones.

Metallic by Kelly

Hidden Treasure

Hidden Treasure – Topshop nail polish

I think the black pattern that I’ve added with a nail art pen adds a bit more excitement to this nail polish. I’ve got a few interviews coming up this week so fingers crossed my nails will leave a lasting impression!